Penosil is NUKU Theatre's main sponsor in its 61st season

Today, 19 September, Jaan Puusaag, CEO of Wolf Group, and Meelis Pai, Manager of the Estonian Puppet and Youth Theatre, signed a cooperation agreement at the opening event of the season, based on which Penosil, the globally renowned brand of construction materials, will become the theatre's main sponsor in its 61st season. The cooperation agreement between Penosil and the Estonian Puppet and Youth Theatre was signed for one year.

“Being the main sponsor of the Puppet Theatre is a great honour for Penosil and the whole Wolf Group,“ Jaan Puusaag, CEO of Wolf Group, admitted. According to Puusaag, cooperation with the theatre has been on-going for several years and becoming the main sponsor was simply a natural progression. 
Penosil has previously contributed to the success of the Nuku Theatre. For example, Penosil supported the marketing campaign for “High School Musical” by bringing an audience sufficient for it to achieve more performances than any other world class musical in Estonia. In 2010, a foam statue of the nun Elsabe was presented right next to the building of the Puppet and Youth Theatre. This pilot project initiated the foam statue project Penosil Art, which has proven hugely popular for the past three successive years.