Wolf Group transfers Danish production to Estonia

Wolf Group transfers the production of expanding sealing tapes Exadan AS acquired in 2008 from Denmark to Estonia. According to Wolf Group CEO, Jaan Puusaag, the company still strives for more efficient manufacturing processes and synergy. At the same time, the factors favouring the movement of the factory to Estonia are the local favourable tax system and lower fixed costs when compared to Denmark.

”We had the plan of moving the production of self-expanding sealing tapes to Estonia right from the start, as it is much more easier to administer our work closer,” Puusaag explained the background for bringing the production unit to Estonia. According to Puusaag, addition of new lines gives an opportunity to diversify risks and make a wider use of the employees. “For example in Denmark, the factory worked in one or two shifts, but here we could make it work in three shifts, if necessary. Such an integration of production provides the company with flexibility and stability,” Puusaag was sure.

An average of 20 million metres of tape is manufactured in Wolf Group a year, which is almost a half of the Earth’s circumference.

The major export markets of the sealing tape are Russia, Germany, Scandinavia, Poland, Austria, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Sealing tapes are marketed also at every target markets of the companies belonging to the Wolf Group.

Self-expanding elastic sealing tapes based on polyurethane foam are used in sealing joints of window and door structures, façades and panels. UV resistant tapes meant for both indoor and outdoor works ensure a wind- and watertight connections and reduce the decay and fungal contamination hazard of the adherent construction materials. Thank to the feature they are irreplaceable in log cabin construction, for example.
Wolf Group assembles the sales and manufacturing companies of the European leading manufacturer of construction chemicals and materials in Estonia and abroad. Wolf Group factories are located in Estonia and Russia, sales units in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark and Kazakhstan. Export geography includes about 50 countries from Norway to Australia, from Brazil to Japan.

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