Wolf Group Supports Children and Families in need

Wolf Group CEO Mr Jaan Puusaag and the director of Good Deed Foundation Mr Mart Kuusk have signed a cooperation agreement. Wolf Group will support the development of the Foundation’s worthy initiatives (Oma Pere and Perekoolitusühing Sina ja Mina). The initial planned cooperation period is one year.

Wolf Group unites companies who manufacture construction foams, sealants and construction materials. According to the group’s Chairman Mr Jaan Puusaag, the company has always tried to support underprivileged children in any way possible. Puusaag says that the group is delighted to join the Good Deed Foundation’s good cause as it increases the scope of Wolf Group’s efforts and helps to reach many children and underprivileged families in Estonia.

The goal of the non-profit association Sina ja Mina is to help people maintain healthy family relations and to prevent risk behaviour in children. The organisation also offers family counselling in individual sessions and online (e-counselling). The non-profit association Oma Pere is creating a training and information centre which will help to find families for children without parental care, and will provide training and support for the families.

In addition to financial support, the employees of Wolf Group can also help by volunteering in the various important projects of the Good Deed Foundation, and thereby help to tackle several serious social issues in Estonia.´

This is not the first time that Wolf Group has supported disadvantaged children and young people. For example, Wolf Group has for several years sponsored the Tallinn Ristiku School, helping to promote a healthy lifestyle and provide leisure activities for the school’s students (children with special educational needs). Wolf Group has also supported the foundation for children with physical disabilities (Liikumispuudega Laste Toetusfond).

Wolf Group consists of the company Krimelte, a leading manufacturer of construction chemicals and materials in Europe, and sales and production companies in Estonia and other countries. Wolf Group has factories in Estonia and Russia, and sales divisions in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan. The group’s export network includes almost 50 countries, from Norway to Australia and from Brazil to Japan.

The Good Deed Foundation was founded in 2003 to facilitate small good deeds, but has now become a major supporter of social organisations in Estonia. Today, the Foundation’s goal is to find the organisations with an important role in society and provide them with strong support – using the expertise and investments of partners from the business sector. After selecting the initiatives, the Foundation supports the implementation of their ambitious plans for 3 to 5 years. In the process, the Foundation enlists the help of several leading experts who offer their knowledge and expertise for free and in their own time. These experts include successful entrepreneurs, financial and human resources specialists, communication and legal experts, and so on.