Krimelte Conquers New Zealand and Cyprus markets with Estonian Insulating Foam

Krimelte, a company belonging to the Wolf Group that exports its insulating foams and joint sealants to forty countries has expanded its reach to the markets of New Zealand and Cyprus. However, according to a representative of the company the soon to be launched exporting operation to Israel has the perspective of becoming the most promising one yet.


According to Jaan Puusaag, the Chairman of the Board of Krimelte, the company has quite ambitious plans of growth and is making quick progress in expanding its market share on its export markets. “But the regions that have just been added to Krimelte’s export portfolio offer us a great opportunity for speedy growth and show the great potential that the post-recession construction sectors of foreign countries possess,” said Puusaag, commenting on the growth advantages of the company’s export portfolio and the situation in foreign markets.

”Launching sales in a location that is geographically the farthest away from Estonia is proof that no market is too far and the Earth is, in fact, round,” said Puusaag, commenting on the company’s achievements in New Zealand and adding that exporting to New Zealand suggests the possibility of entering the Australian market as well. Krimelte was the only Estonian company represented at the construction fair "Design Building 2010" held in Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia at the end of June.

The company’s successful entering into Brazilian market that began last year is progressing as planned and the company believes the construction market of Brazil to still have enough room and potential of growth for Krimelte to take advantage of. Krimelte, which, by today, has been operating on the Brazilian market for only six months has been able to not only export chemical construction products to private label customers but sell them under its own trademark Penosil as well. 

Krimelte is a leading European manufacturer of insulating foams and joint sealants that is based on Estonian capital and that has been titled the Exporter of the Year on numerous occasions. In addition to the factory located in Estonia, Krimelte has set up production units also in Russia and Denmark. Among others locations, Krimelte exports its goods to such countries as Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Japan and Russia.

Last autumn Krimelte decided to unite all of the group’s companies involved in the sales and production activities under one corporate umbrella brand called the Wolf Group. The Wolf Group unites all of Krimelte’s sales and production companies in Estonia and abroad and also the trademarks Penosil and Tempsi. 

The sales turnover of the Krimelte group in 2009 was 813 million Estonian kroons with a pre-tax profit of 62 million Estonian kroons.