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  • Socle insulation

    The problem of ground floor’s finishing usually involves two aspects. First, the desirability of an aesthetic view. The second, and more rational reason, is, naturally, the protection of a house from humidity and temperature variations. This manual demonstrates that anyone may finish a ground floor. It is simple because EPS boards (foamed polystyrene) are installed using a foam adhesive and boards are installed over the insulation using the same method.  Wish you a useful and interesting viewing and active discussion in the comments section! Read more about ground floor’s insulation:
  • Thermal insulation using foam adhesive and insulating plates

    An affordable, convenient and quick way to insulate the walls of a garage, house or shed using insulation boards and a special polyurethane adhesive.

    Polyurethane adhesive has good bonding and sealing properties. It is easily bonded with various building materials (all kinds of metal, wooden and stone surfaces as well as plastered, painted or varnished surfaces), except Teflon, polyethylene and silicone surfaces.

    The resulting adhesive joint is strong but sufficiently elastic.Wish you a useful and interesting viewing and active discussion in the comments section!

  • How to make a chalkboard

    Nowadays, chalkboards are irreplaceable interior design elements. In this video, we will show how to make a chalkboard from start to finish.
  • How to use a gunfoam

    Many have asked us questions about correct application of the gunfoam. Masters Club decided to film a special video and give you correct insight on working with the gunfoam.

  • Foam sculptures

    Check out this great video on how Penosil foam sculptures are made. Foam skulptuures are made every year in cooperation with (NUKU) Estonian Youth and Puppet Theatre, many talented sculptors and artists. In 2012, in cooperation with NUKU and the students of the Estonian Art Academy three-dimensional sculpture letters we prepared. In total thousand cans of PU foam were spent on preparing them.  In 2011, the sculptures of singer Georg Ots, prime ballerina Kaie Kõrb, conductor Tõnu Kaljuste, wrestler Georg Lurich, actress Ita Ever, historian Jüri Kuuskemaa, poet Juhan Viiding and former president Lennart Meri were prepared. However, the first foam figure appeared into the town room during the Old Town days in 2010 when the figure of the nun Elsabe prepared by the design of the artist Kalju Kivi and based on the legend of Jüri Kuuskemaa was exhibited next to the Estonian Youth and Puppet Theatre.                     
  • How to renovate an old bathtub

    Many of us are familiar with old and rusted bath tubs. The question is – are they repairable? Is it possible to get rid of disgusting rust or the only solution is to replace an old tub?

    In this video the Masters Club applies a two part epoxy coating kit for the renovation and painting of cast iron bath tubs. We will discuss the required tools, the importance of preparation work and priming and show the proper way to paint the surface of a tub.

  • Foam expansion pressure depending on foam type and application method

    At Masters Club we've decided to examine the foam expansion pressure depending on foam type and its application method.

    In order to do so, we have conducted the following tests, which are based on FEICA OCF TM1009 «Curing Pressure» the effective test method.

    Based on these tests we have concluded that unlike straw foam, a high quality gun foam will not deform door and window frames. However, the foam should be applied correctly.

    Applying it in a rush may impair the high-quality foam effect. See the video for more details.    

  • How to Build Your Own Fish Tank

    This manual will teach you how to make a strong and robust aquarium by yourself in a short time. Where to start, which tools will be needed, how to work with masking tape and which silicone sealant to choose.

    This solution is primarily intended for aquariums with the maximum height of 1000 mm. The manual describes the use of a special silicone sealant for the making of aquariums, sealing of swimming pools, water parks, terrariums and other glass assemblies.

  • How to install a window

    The objective of this manual is to show a proper way to install windows and highlight certain nuances of the installation process. Why use a self-expanding sealant tape to fill the gap between the wall and the window?

    How and where attach the sealant?

    How to fix a window frame?These and many other useful tips on working with foam sealants are offered in the manual. Wish you a useful and interesting viewing and active discussion in the comments section.  

  • Filling a wall crack with acrylic

    A single component acrylic sealant is used to fill joints and gaps, repair small surface defects before painting and seal window and door frames.

    This manual shows the use of an acrylic sealant for the sealing of wall cracks.Are there alternative solutions to this problem? What other uses an acrylic sealant may be put to?

  • Concrete floor shrinkage and deformation joint sealing

    Joints are standard construction elements in concrete floors. To fulfil the objectives of the joints, they must be filled with quality hybrid sealants. Following video shows how to seal concrete floor joints.
  • How to make a concrete floor dustproof

    A regular concrete floor always tends to be dusty and never becomes completely clean with a brush. This is why we at Masters Club decided to cover the concrete floor with surface hardener Dustproofer.

  • Covering the joints between walls

    Masters Club decided to separate a kitchenette from an office by a partition.

    Having installed the partition, we discovered unsightly large seams between the new and the old wall. This video solution will show how to fill such seams and which materials to use.

  • Using stone adhesive for laying bricks

    This short video will show you how to use stone adhesive to build non-load bearing partitions. Penosil Premium StoneFix 827 stone glue will be used for that purpose.

    Penosil Premium StoneFix 827 is developed for bonding various stone materials, such as stone blocks, lightweight concrete, concrete, foam concrete, limestone and ceramic bricks.Compared to standard grout, stone adhesive will allow you to lay more lines of blocks/bricks, as the glue will cure fast.

    Strong bonding will be achieved in a period as short as 30 minutes, provided that suitable temperature and air humidity conditions are ensured.

  • How to fix metal furniture

    If you have laboured under the impression that metal furniture cannot be repaired, now is the time to re-assess your beliefs. The Masters Club offers a video solution discussing the use of a special epoxy to fill and bond cracks and cavities/depressions on metal surfaces. This product is perfect to repair and seal pipe joints, to make quick repairs of engines and exhaust systems as well as for the restoration of small parts.
  • Installation of log house windows with self-expanding tape

    Years ago, foam replaced hard material that was used for the installation of windows as a protection from wind and cold. Today, a new comfortable and efficient product has been introduced – self-expanding sealing tape.

    It is a special elastic polyurethane sealant with open pores, impregnated with a sealing solution. Thanks to its density and elasticity, it protects windows from wind, rain and external air movements. The sealing tape is also fireproof. Areas of application In addition to the installation of windows and sealing of log houses, the sealing tape is also suitable for:

    • sealing the panel joints and ventilation systems of big residential houses made from precast concrete slabs,
    • noise and vibration insulation around ventilation and air exchange devices and in the automotive industry;
    • between roof elements and for other sealing works.
  • How to remove old caulk and apply silicone to kitchen joints

    Often, joints between cupboards and walls in the kitchen can be damaged or get covered with dirt, thereby losing their original appearance. The only way to restore joints is to completely remove old silicone. Following solution shows how to remove old caulk and apply new silicone to kitchen joints.
  • Testing fire-rated and regular foams

    We have an opportunity to demonstrate the difference between fire-resistant and ordinary PU foam. The benefits are apparent.

  • Oiling of the terrace and wooden furniture

    Here's your step-by-step guine on oiling the terrace and wooden furniture
  • Renewing bathroom joints

    This Masters Club video will show you how to renew bathroom joints.

    For example, bad ventilation causes mould in the silicone in bathroom joints. Such silicone cannot be cleaned and the only way to renew the joint is to completely remove the old silicone and fill in the joint with new silicone.

    Old silicone should be removed very carefully and the joint completely cleaned from residues in order to make the fresh silicone adhere well to join surface.

  • How to install a mirror

    Mirror is an irreplaceable part of any home. The following video shows how to fix a mirror on a wall and which tools are required for the task.

    The clip shows the use of a contact synthetic rubber adhesive for this purpose.
    When the solvent has evaporated, the adhesive hardens to form a robust, firm and elastic waterproof bond.

  • Repairing in underwater conditions

    Masters Club discusses special epoxies which may be effectively applied even on wet or submerged surfaces and are ideal for sealing cement cracks in swimming pools, fixing lamps and planks and for the quick repair of surfboards. Wish you a useful and interesting viewing and active discussion in the comments section!
  • Vapour and wind barrier tape installation system

    In order to improve energy efficiency, we suggest using vapour and wind barrier tapes when sealing the joints to improve thermal conductivity and air density.The system consists of Penosil Premium Sealing Tape Internal (vapour barrier) and External (wind barrier), one of the high quality Penosil PU foams and adhesive Penosil Nail & Fix Universal.
  • Planting box for home gardeners

    Nowadays when the world is moving towards a ‘greener’ mindset, more and more people have started growing both decorative as well as edible plants on their balconies, windowsills and terraces.

    An original and handy way to use the planting boxes that match your needs is to make them yourself. The cement boards used for covering the façades of buildings are among the materials that can be easily used for making weatherproof, good-looking and practical planting pots that are resistant to moisture, rain, snow and UV-rays, which makes these boxes a long-lasting option.

    However, you should contact the manufacturer or resellers of the boards to get help with cutting out the pieces needed for the sides and bottom of the planting boxes in the correct dimensions.

  • Testing with expanding sealing tape

    Thanks to their high quality and excellent properties, self-expanding adhesive tapes are used for a wide variety of applications in industrial production, construction and home building.

    They are used for the sealing of joints and junctions during the installation of door and window assemblies, showcases, stained-glass windows, front elevations of buildings, winter gardens and roofs as well as for the sealing of joints between boards.

    The manual demonstrates flame retardant properties of a self-expanding adhesive tape. {joomplucat:29 limit:4}

  • Fixing antique furniture

    If you have ever been interested in a quick and affordable repair of antique furniture, we strongly recommend for you this solution. We are talking about a special epoxy that may be used to repair doors, window and door frames, to shape handles and buttons (of doors, windows etc.), to restore depressions and cracks to the original shape and repair furniture.Wish you a useful and interesting viewing and active discussion in the comments section!
  • How to Install Parquet Flooring

    Following video introduces new parguet adhesive and demonstrates parquet flooring techniques.
  • Attaching a floor moulding with glue

    Has it ever happened that while attaching a floor moulding some screws got caught in the empty space between the floor boards and there was no connection?In this video, we take apart a floor moulding attached with screws and attach it again with Penosil Nail&Fix Interior 915 adhesive.
  • How to repair wooden furniture

    Masters Club shows a video on how to repair wooden furniture using Penosil Premium WoodFix.
  • Curtain rod installation with ultra strong adhesive

    In this video, we will install Roman curtains with the super-strong adhesive Penosil Premium StrongFix 707.
  • How to use PU foam to seal exterior doors during their installation

    In this video, we use fire-resistant PU foam Penosil Premium FireRated Gunfoam B1 to install the exterior door.Always install the door according to the construction design, relevant requirements and producer’s instructions. Installation methods may vary, depending on the specific door design. Exterior doors are exposed to weather conditions and proper installation ensures their long-term functionality.
  • Carpet installation

    Make sure that you have all necessary tools and protective gear on hand before you begin: a large adhesive comb (4–6 mm between the teeth) to apply adhesive to larger surfaces and a small one (2 mm between the teeth) to apply adhesive to corners and hard-to-reach surfaces, a roller to even out bumps, and knee pads to ensure smooth progress of the work and reduce muscle fatigue while working.A suitable adhesive for installing carpeting is Penosil Premium Floor&Wall UniversalFix 619, which is also suitable for underfloor heating.Clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner.Mix the adhesive well before using it.Pour or apply adhesive to the surface and use an adhesive comb, if necessary. Do not use more adhesive than is necessary for installing carpeting.Move in the direction of your exit to avoid later applying adhesive while standing on carpeting.Apply adhesive evenly across the full width of the room, working in sections. Do not forget to apply adhesive to edges, corners and curved surfaces as well.Then, install pre-measured and pre-cut carpeting.Place carpeting on the floor with pre-applied adhesive and make sure that carpeting runs evenly along walls.Carefully smooth out carpeting to remove air bubbles and ensure that adhesive is in good contact with it. For best results, use a specially designed roller to install carpeting. Make sure that the full surface of the carpeting is in good contact with adhesive.When installing carpeting consisting of several sheets, press edges firmly together and use a roller. This helps to hide carpet seams and adds to their durability.Start with the next floor section, following the above steps.Repeat these steps until carpeting is installed on the entire floor.
  • Differences between straw and gun foam

    In this video, we demonstrate the use of two PU foams, each with a different dispensing method, in the installation of interior doorjambs. For one doorjamb, we use a straw applicator and for the other one, a foam gun. As we see, using straw foam is rather uneconomic in this type of joints. In comparison with gun foam, a considerably larger amount of straw foam had to be used.


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