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  • How to renovate an old bathtub

    Many of us are familiar with old and rusted bath tubs. The question is – are they repairable? Is it possible to get rid of disgusting rust or the only solution is to replace an old tub?

    In this video the Masters Club applies a two part epoxy coating kit for the renovation and painting of cast iron bath tubs. We will discuss the required tools, the importance of preparation work and priming and show the proper way to paint the surface of a tub.

  • Filling a wall crack with acrylic

    A single component acrylic sealant is used to fill joints and gaps, repair small surface defects before painting and seal window and door frames.

    This manual shows the use of an acrylic sealant for the sealing of wall cracks.Are there alternative solutions to this problem? What other uses an acrylic sealant may be put to?

  • Planting box for home gardeners

    Nowadays when the world is moving towards a ‘greener’ mindset, more and more people have started growing both decorative as well as edible plants on their balconies, windowsills and terraces.

    An original and handy way to use the planting boxes that match your needs is to make them yourself. The cement boards used for covering the façades of buildings are among the materials that can be easily used for making weatherproof, good-looking and practical planting pots that are resistant to moisture, rain, snow and UV-rays, which makes these boxes a long-lasting option.

    However, you should contact the manufacturer or resellers of the boards to get help with cutting out the pieces needed for the sides and bottom of the planting boxes in the correct dimensions.

  • How to make a chalkboard

    Nowadays, chalkboards are irreplaceable interior design elements. In this video, we will show how to make a chalkboard from start to finish.
  • How to make a concrete floor dustproof

    A regular concrete floor always tends to be dusty and never becomes completely clean with a brush. This is why we at Masters Club decided to cover the concrete floor with surface hardener Dustproofer.

  • Thermal insulation using foam adhesive and insulating plates

    An affordable, convenient and quick way to insulate the walls of a garage, house or shed using insulation boards and a special polyurethane adhesive.

    Polyurethane adhesive has good bonding and sealing properties. It is easily bonded with various building materials (all kinds of metal, wooden and stone surfaces as well as plastered, painted or varnished surfaces), except Teflon, polyethylene and silicone surfaces.

    The resulting adhesive joint is strong but sufficiently elastic.Wish you a useful and interesting viewing and active discussion in the comments section!

  • How to fix metal furniture

    If you have laboured under the impression that metal furniture cannot be repaired, now is the time to re-assess your beliefs. The Masters Club offers a video solution discussing the use of a special epoxy to fill and bond cracks and cavities/depressions on metal surfaces. This product is perfect to repair and seal pipe joints, to make quick repairs of engines and exhaust systems as well as for the restoration of small parts.
  • Repairing in underwater conditions

    Masters Club discusses special epoxies which may be effectively applied even on wet or submerged surfaces and are ideal for sealing cement cracks in swimming pools, fixing lamps and planks and for the quick repair of surfboards. Wish you a useful and interesting viewing and active discussion in the comments section!


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