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  • Foam sculptures

    Check out this great video on how Penosil foam sculptures are made. Foam skulptuures are made every year in cooperation with (NUKU) Estonian Youth and Puppet Theatre, many talented sculptors and artists. In 2012, in cooperation with NUKU and the students of the Estonian Art Academy three-dimensional sculpture letters we prepared. In total thousand cans of PU foam were spent on preparing them.  In 2011, the sculptures of singer Georg Ots, prime ballerina Kaie Kõrb, conductor Tõnu Kaljuste, wrestler Georg Lurich, actress Ita Ever, historian Jüri Kuuskemaa, poet Juhan Viiding and former president Lennart Meri were prepared. However, the first foam figure appeared into the town room during the Old Town days in 2010 when the figure of the nun Elsabe prepared by the design of the artist Kalju Kivi and based on the legend of Jüri Kuuskemaa was exhibited next to the Estonian Youth and Puppet Theatre.                     


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