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  • Foam expansion pressure depending on foam type and application method

    At Masters Club we've decided to examine the foam expansion pressure depending on foam type and its application method.

    In order to do so, we have conducted the following tests, which are based on FEICA OCF TM1009 «Curing Pressure» the effective test method.

    Based on these tests we have concluded that unlike straw foam, a high quality gun foam will not deform door and window frames. However, the foam should be applied correctly.

    Applying it in a rush may impair the high-quality foam effect. See the video for more details.    

  • Testing fire-rated and regular foams

    We have an opportunity to demonstrate the difference between fire-resistant and ordinary PU foam. The benefits are apparent.

  • Testing with expanding sealing tape

    Thanks to their high quality and excellent properties, self-expanding adhesive tapes are used for a wide variety of applications in industrial production, construction and home building.

    They are used for the sealing of joints and junctions during the installation of door and window assemblies, showcases, stained-glass windows, front elevations of buildings, winter gardens and roofs as well as for the sealing of joints between boards.

    The manual demonstrates flame retardant properties of a self-expanding adhesive tape. {joomplucat:29 limit:4}



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