PENOSIL EasyGun Foam All Season

Polyurethane gunfoam. For use with attached patented EasyGun applicator or with standard foam gun.

ā€¢ Installation of doors and windows.
ā€¢ Filling holes and gaps.
ā€¢ Thermal insulation and soundproofing.

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PENOSIL EasyGun Foam All Season

Solutions with this product

  • Foam sculptures

    Check out this great video on how Penosil foam sculptures are made. Foam skulptuures are made every year in cooperation with (NUKU) Estonian Youth and Puppet Theatre, many talented sculptors and artists. In 2012, in cooperation with NUKU and the students of the Estonian Art Academy three-dimensional sculpture letters we prepared. In total thousand cans of PU foam were spent on preparing them.  In 2011, the sculptures of singer Georg Ots, prime ballerina Kaie Kõrb, conductor Tõnu Kaljuste, wrestler Georg Lurich, actress Ita Ever, historian Jüri Kuuskemaa, poet Juhan Viiding and former president Lennart Meri were prepared. However, the first foam figure appeared into the town room during the Old Town days in 2010 when the figure of the nun Elsabe prepared by the design of the artist Kalju Kivi and based on the legend of Jüri Kuuskemaa was exhibited next to the Estonian Youth and Puppet Theatre.                     
  • Foam expansion pressure depending on foam type and application method

    At Masters Club we've decided to examine the foam expansion pressure depending on foam type and its application method.

    In order to do so, we have conducted the following tests, which are based on FEICA OCF TM1009 «Curing Pressure» the effective test method.

    Based on these tests we have concluded that unlike straw foam, a high quality gun foam will not deform door and window frames. However, the foam should be applied correctly.

    Applying it in a rush may impair the high-quality foam effect. See the video for more details.    

  • Covering the joints between walls

    Masters Club decided to separate a kitchenette from an office by a partition.

    Having installed the partition, we discovered unsightly large seams between the new and the old wall. This video solution will show how to fill such seams and which materials to use.

  • How to install a window

    The objective of this manual is to show a proper way to install windows and highlight certain nuances of the installation process. Why use a self-expanding sealant tape to fill the gap between the wall and the window?

    How and where attach the sealant?

    How to fix a window frame?These and many other useful tips on working with foam sealants are offered in the manual. Wish you a useful and interesting viewing and active discussion in the comments section.  


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