PENOSIL Premium Polystyrol FixFoam

One-component polyurethane adhesive for the fixing of insulation boards and stone wool in the course of the thermal insulation of buildings. The foam adhesive has superior gluing and sealing qualities. Bonds well with most construction materials, except "Teflon", polyethylene and silicon surfaces. Congealed adhesive is a good temperature and sound insulator. Keep congealed adhesive away from UV and sunlight.

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PENOSIL Premium Polystyrol FixFoam

Solutions with this product

  • Socle insulation

    The problem of ground floor’s finishing usually involves two aspects. First, the desirability of an aesthetic view. The second, and more rational reason, is, naturally, the protection of a house from humidity and temperature variations. This manual demonstrates that anyone may finish a ground floor. It is simple because EPS boards (foamed polystyrene) are installed using a foam adhesive and boards are installed over the insulation using the same method.  Wish you a useful and interesting viewing and active discussion in the comments section! Read more about ground floor’s insulation:
  • Thermal insulation using foam adhesive and insulating plates

    An affordable, convenient and quick way to insulate the walls of a garage, house or shed using insulation boards and a special polyurethane adhesive.

    Polyurethane adhesive has good bonding and sealing properties. It is easily bonded with various building materials (all kinds of metal, wooden and stone surfaces as well as plastered, painted or varnished surfaces), except Teflon, polyethylene and silicone surfaces.

    The resulting adhesive joint is strong but sufficiently elastic.Wish you a useful and interesting viewing and active discussion in the comments section!


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