Premium Expanding Tape 300

Self-adhesive expanding tape.

ā€¢ Sealing of joints between supporting structure and window- and doorframes.
ā€¢ Sealing of joints between concrete elements
ā€¢ Sealing of window- and doorsills
ā€¢ Sealing of double glazed casement windows
ā€¢ Sealing of skylight windows
ā€¢ Sealing of structural roofing elements
ā€¢ Sealing of log houses
ā€¢ Mounting of noise- and vibration isolations, ventilation- and conditionig equipment.
ā€¢ Noise- and vibration isolation for mobile equipment

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Premium Expanding Tape 300

Solutions with this product

  • Installation of log house windows with self-expanding tape

    Years ago, foam replaced hard material that was used for the installation of windows as a protection from wind and cold. Today, a new comfortable and efficient product has been introduced – self-expanding sealing tape.

    It is a special elastic polyurethane sealant with open pores, impregnated with a sealing solution. Thanks to its density and elasticity, it protects windows from wind, rain and external air movements. The sealing tape is also fireproof. Areas of application In addition to the installation of windows and sealing of log houses, the sealing tape is also suitable for:

    • sealing the panel joints and ventilation systems of big residential houses made from precast concrete slabs,
    • noise and vibration insulation around ventilation and air exchange devices and in the automotive industry;
    • between roof elements and for other sealing works.
  • Testing with expanding sealing tape

    Thanks to their high quality and excellent properties, self-expanding adhesive tapes are used for a wide variety of applications in industrial production, construction and home building.

    They are used for the sealing of joints and junctions during the installation of door and window assemblies, showcases, stained-glass windows, front elevations of buildings, winter gardens and roofs as well as for the sealing of joints between boards.

    The manual demonstrates flame retardant properties of a self-expanding adhesive tape. {joomplucat:29 limit:4}

  • How to install a window

    The objective of this manual is to show a proper way to install windows and highlight certain nuances of the installation process. Why use a self-expanding sealant tape to fill the gap between the wall and the window?

    How and where attach the sealant?

    How to fix a window frame?These and many other useful tips on working with foam sealants are offered in the manual. Wish you a useful and interesting viewing and active discussion in the comments section.  


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