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Wolf Group is committed to improving people’s quality of life by providing safe,
energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction solutions.

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Wolf Group offers a complete product range covering all professional needs. Please read more about our products.

Our product brands and customer segments

High sales and after-sales service, assured quality and economic success for the customer are the keywords that best describe Wolf Group.

Contract manufacturing (PL)

One of our focuses is being the number one choice for private label customers. Wolf Group has contemporary laboratory facilities, a highly qualified R&D and product development teams, modern automated plants, and a global business network.

Construction (PRO)

For professional customers we have a very large-scale assortment of specialty products. As Wolf Group is a key customer for its suppliers, it allows us to offer the best materials and ensure the sustainably shortest lead-time.

Factory (IND)

We value intimate customer relationships and offer cooperation at product development and certification level, optimal selection, stable quality, full technical support and prompt customer communication. The customised solutions are compliant with the respective technical requirements and regulations.

Home building (DIY)

Easy to find, best self-explanatory label design, fast to choose, value-added professional product performance and best application experience – these are the keywords, when we are developing home user product range.