The commitment of our employees

We’ll support employees’ participation in charity projects that help the well-being of animals in nature.

We will support the commitment of employees to participate in voluntary charity projects that help to protect the environment and increase the well-being of animals in nature.

Call of the wild

“Four years ago my family and I bought an old farm with six hectares of land in Nature Park. Like a lot of people today, we wanted to find a place with untouched nature where there was peace and quiet, where we could learn how to rebuild the old, and teach our kids how to, without ruining anything in the process.

The first thing we had to think twice about was whether mowing was really needed. The first time we took the lawnmower out, my kids noticed that there were so many frogs, of all shapes and sizes, that they might injure themselves in their rush to get away from it. That led to us deciding not to cut the grass as short as we normally would, and it took some time to get used to walking on blades standing 8-10 cm tall. When we looked up how to tend big areas without harming the wildlife in them, we found information about the support project for permanent grasslands on the website of the Agricultural Registers and Information Board. It sets out specific times for mowing to avoid harm to the birds and animals that live and nest in grasses. Needless to say there are restrictions on other things that might be bad for the environment as well.

Today we have quite a different idea of beauty than we did four years ago: for us it now lies in species diversity and natural plant cover – with everything from daisies to thistles and wild herbs – and in strolling through the long grass in your wellies and watching the frogs and lizards go about their business as brightly coloured dragonflies whiz around before settling on the water lilies and bulrushes.”

Meeli Pedak | Wolf Group Purchase Director